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Amazing!! Best investment I've made in a long time.

I've had a cheap yoga mat most of my life but wanted an upgrade. Here's my take 1. it does not have any chemical smell 2. The non-slip surface is great. 3. I love the sustainability aspect of the product. I try and do my part and this matt helps 4. the overall feeling is of quality and durability, this doesn't feel cheap. I do yoga everyday and I look forward to it everyday now with this mat. Highly recommended.

Yoga Matt

Absolutely LOVE my yoga matt. It's made a big difference to my practice.
It's comfortable and soft and I just love my pattern. The soft green is so relaxing.
Thank you for an amazing product.


Peaceful and calm. I love my mat. Print is amazing. Please do more ocean prints

Beautiful Mat

Got this mat for Hot Pilates. It’s beautiful artwork gives me something to focus on that’s not my tired mussels. The non slip surface is really good. Would recommend

Beautiful Yoga Mat

I would like to say thanks to the team at Wandering Yogi for making available such a quality product. I have traditionally purchased thicker mats in the past however this time I opted for a very thin foldable for travel yoga mat. It came with a zipper satchel and shoulder sling which makes it's perfect for me as it doesn't take up much room in a carry on bag. The design colours of a marine theme were sensational as I gravitate to such colours. As an online business I can only give my best recommendation. So if you are after quality yoga mats you will be well served to get in touch with Wandering Yogi.

Great mat

Great mat, perfect for travel, when we can travel again! Amazing customer service, highly recommended

The print always makes me smile and feel good!

It is fantastic - love that it is so soft under foot and still supportive that doesn't slide on surfaces. The reason for selecting was the print which always makes me smile and feel good when using it (no matter how sore the muscles are). Thank you for a lovely product! I would rate my mat a 4.5 out of 5.

Exceeds all expectations

Amazing quality! This mat feels as soft as suede and provides excellent grip . Worth every cent! I highly recommend!

Cannot recommend more!

I love my Wandering Yogi mat. It's so soft, light and easy to carry around. It's also SUPER comfy to practice on!!!

Tropicus 3 mm

I love my new mat! The designs are amazing and unique. The grip is excellent, I practice lots of yoga and this mat never lets me down. Very soft and luxurious feel of the top coating, too. Recommended!

Perfect for Vinyasa and YIN

I love my mat from Wandering Yogi Aus! Just the right amount of grip + softness! Perfect for Vinyasa and YIN. I also love the fact you can simply wash it clean.

Love it!

I love my wandering yogi mat - it is a great mat to practice on, feels amazing under your feet and grips well. I love the fact that it is Eco friendly and an Australian company.


I love the new designs and the non-slip coating is amazing!

So soft!

This is the softest mat I’ve ever used! It’s warming in Winter and not sticky during Summer, thanks to the unique suede-like texture. I absolutely love the prints and colours, they’re both sophisticated and feminine. I have a handful of mats, but always find myself reaching for Wandering Yogi first!

A great mat for the travelling yogi!

The most beautiful mat to take with me on holidays. I am a bit of a yoga mat nut and hate mats that don't grip well in down-dog or slide on the floor. These mats tick all of the boxes. So happy to have found something I can take anywhere that is light weight and doesn't take up space (or weight).

Quality and Beauty

My jungle mat isn’t just stunning and motivating to use but it’s really great for ashtanga yoga because it’s gets gripper the more you sweat!

Grippier the more you practice

Mats that feel as soft as this must have some type of witchcraft magic where it becomes grippier the more you practice on it, is hard to come by! It’s also super soft against the skin with great padding so it holds you! The best part is that it is eco friendly, cruelty free and yet still so lush!

My new favourite

Love my new mat, love supporting such a beautiful business and your products are gorgeous. Feels lovely under foot, grippy without being sticky and so pretty :)

The worlds best yoga mat!!!

I have been through so many yoga mats and this is hands down the best I have come across. It is so lightweight, offers fantastic grip yet still feels smooth and is incredibly supportive for such a slim mat. And I have had so many yogi's ask where I bought my mat after class! A must buy for any yogi looking for a lightweight, extremely high quality, supportive, easy to travel with and beautiful mat.

Light and soft

If you’re looking for a mat you can take anywhere, this is it! It’s light, soft and easy to wash as well. I love to take it with me travelling (so I can always practise), to the beach and even on picnics. And the little bonus I loved was it came with a strap!

Great, non-slip yoga mat!

This yoga mat is great! 5 out of 5. I do hot yoga and don't slip at all. I love this mat.

Perfect mat for me

I love my new Jungle travel mat. Definitely a 5 out of 5.
It is perfect for me as my hands and feet get quiet sweaty during practice. I also love how compact the mat is when rolled up and how is stays in its sling.

Love it!

I absolutely love my mat! I bought it for travelling. It's brightened up my yoga routine and I love how light it is.

Love the sustainable ethos

I was very excited to recieve my new mat from Wanderingyogi, and it has certainly lived up to all its expectations and more. Superb quality, sustainably created and a design that just gets me excited everytime I roll out my mat. Highly recommend!

Absolutely love it

I love how thin it is yet it is still supportive beneath the body, especially the knee. The top of the mat feels silky but isn't slippy - very important in positions such as Downward Dog as sweaty hands on a slippy mat = disaster waiting to happen. The pattern is beautiful and I've had several comments from people in classes I have attended whilst trialing it.

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