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Non Slip Natural Tree Rubber Yoga Mat
  • Truly Non-Slip
  • Made with Sustainable and Recycled Materials
  • Easy to Clean

Bringing good fortune from the east this collection of Koi fish swim through the water with purpose. They have the ability to swim upstream regardless of the conditions, achieving what seems to be almost impossible. Their energetic presence is associated with determination, ambition and perseverance which are attributes we can all learn to bring to our mat for each and every practice.

Luxya yoga mats have been designed to suit a range of uses making them ideal for all types of yoga, Pilates or even your regular HIIT workout. The cushioning of the natural tree rubber base is topped with a microfiber towel which creates the perfect non-slip surface for any sweaty practice.

Includes: Carry strap

      Eco-friendly:We have consciously selected materials that are sustainably sourced, 100% recyclable, biodegradable and avoid the use of harmful chemicals.

      Mindful Microfiber Towel:Made from 100% recycled PET bottles our luxuriously soft microfiber suede top layer provides an absorbent non-slip surface that is designed to allow for more grip, the more you sweat.

      Non-Slip Coating:We have also added additional stability with our unique non-slip coating that will keep you surefooted through your entire practice for years to come.

      Natural Fibres:In-line with our brands ethos, each mat base in made from accredited ethically and sustainably sourced natural tree rubber.

      Multi-purpose:All-in-one premium mat for hot yoga, Pilates and general exercise practices.

      Free from all the nasties:No PVC, latex, chlorine, silicone, toxic glue or phthalates.

      Travel Mat:Weight 1.5kg, 173x61cm and 1.5mm thick

      Standard Mat:Weight 2.2kg, 173x61cm and 3mm thick

      Thick Mat:Weight 2.7kg, 173x61cm and 5mm thick

      Children's Mat: Weight 2.5kg, 157x61cm and 5mm thick

      One of the main benefits of owning your own yoga mat vs using one provided at the studio is that you know exactly where it's been and when it was last cleaned!

      Thankfully, sweat, odours, sand, dust and dirt can all be removed simply by wiping down your mat after every practice with a damp cloth.

      Take a cloth and dampen it with water. You can use this to wipe off the majority of any dirt. Make sure to clean both sides of your yoga mat.

      Leave the mat somewhere out of the sun to air dry completely before you roll it up and store it.

      Depending on the intensity of your sessions you can always hand wash your mat with a mild soap to disinfect and clean your mat.

      Although our mats are machine washable we no longer recommend machine washing due to the creation of micro-plastics.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Regan Patroni
      Koi fish mat

      I love the design with koi swimming around each other, they just look beautifully graceful, as I invision myself looking when I am doing my yoga😅. It has great non slip grip. Just looking at this mat brings me joy.

      Jo Veinberg
      Yoga Matt

      Amazing quality, lovely grippy material without being annoying which is perfect for the yoga beginner. No chemical smell, lays perfectly flat, great customer service, extremely fast packaging and responsive to emails! 5/5 stars!

      The Luxya Difference

      Love. Balance. Harmony.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      All About Our Mats

      Our yoga mats are free from all nasties, including latex, silicone, toxic glue, phthalates, PVC or chlorine.

      Yes! Unlike other micro-fibre suede yoga mats on the market our mats are non-slip even when dry. We apply a unique eco-grip coating that helps you keep a solid grip no matter the pose.

      All mats are the same height (173cm) and width (61cm), which is pretty standard in the yoga mat world, but the travel mat is thinner and weighs less while the comfort mat is thicker than our standard 3mm.

      Our Luxury yoga mat is (3mm) thick and weighs (2.2kg) and are popular for yogis to use in their local practice, giving more cushion and support under your feet. Our Travel yoga mats are (1.5mm) thick and weigh (1.5kg) and are popular for yogis who practice on the move as the mat can be conveniently folded up and carried around with ease. Our 5mm Comfort mats are great for use at home and offer more cushioning without sacrificing stability for those who like their mats a little thicker.

      We only sell mats made with natural rubber. A sustainable product that does not contain harmful chemicals. We will not sell lighter mats made from PVC, TPE or PER. All substances shown to contain harmful carcinogenic chemicals.

      Ordering and Delivery

      Yes, if a mat is available we have it in stock in our warehouse in Sydney, Australia and ready to send.

      We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express credit and debit cards. You can also pay via PayPal. All prices on our site are stated in Australian dollars (AUD) and US Dollars (USD).

      We offer:

           - Free Shipping across Australia for all orders over $70 (2-5 working days)

           - 10$ Shipping across Australia for all orders under $70 (2-5 working days)

           - 15$ Express Shipping across Australia (Next day delivery to Metro areas)

           - International Shipping (3-10 days) at $25 for Travel mats and $50 for Luxury mats.

      International shipping costs are calculated based on weight, therefore orders under 2kg (i.e. Travel mats) are charged at a flat rate of $25, and orders over 2kg (i.e. Luxury mats) are charged at a flat rate of $50. Please note that orders for multiple mats will sometimes incur extra shipping charges.

      Yoga mats rolled up waiting for a yoga session