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Same Eco-Conscious Products

Same award winning products, your style

We use the same production facilities and the same materials for all our mats. That means your custom mat is made from sustainable natural tree rubber and vegan microfiber suede. Each mat contains recycled plastic from between 10 and 15 bottles!

Each custom mat is a 100% custom product. We work with you on the design using our in-house design team leveraging our years of experience producing mats to produce a one of a kind mat for a unique gift or something to reflect your personality.

We produce the mats to order. While this does take a little longer it means that we can work to your specifications in terms of mat dimensions and thickness.

Typically a custom mat will take 4-5 weeks to produce. We will give you a firm estimate once we have determined the design effort required for your particular design.

Cost is another variable we will confirm once we have your design locked in but as a general guide a standard 3mm custom mat with minimal design work will start from $180.

The Process

With each mat being completely custom the process and timelines change with each design but generally there are a set of stages we will go through with all designs.

  • Contact us using the form below to start the process.
  • We confirm your order, cost and timelines including any options such as non-slip coating.
  • You give us the go ahead and send you a link to pay for the order.
  • We will proof your design and share for feedback and any alterations.
  • Once the design is signed off we will confirm production time.
  • Production times vary and depend on the type of mat, size and thickness as well as production capacity.
  • Item will be shipped to you by courier with tracking.
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Wanting to make a custom mat but you still have questions? We'ved got you covered...

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