February 06, 2019 1 min read

Best yoga mat Australia

ELLE Australia has announced Wandering Yogi as one of the best yoga mat brands on the Australian market, reflecting the quality of our product and stylish designs.

ELLE Australia voted our yoga mats in the top 5 best yoga mats in Australia, praising our mats for being fluid by delivering the qualities of both a yoga mat and a yoga towel combined.

With a range of Luxury and Travel mats, we're pleased to offer you yogis a solution for all yoga practices, whether that be to support you in your practice at your local studio or whilst you're on the move (perhaps at a beautiful yoga retreat in Bali...OK, now we're dreaming!).

As a leading voice in Australian style and fashion, Wandering Yogi is delighted to have been endorsed by ELLE Australia.

So thank you ELLE Australia - we'll continue to make the best performing, eco-friendly and stylish yoga mats around!

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