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Currently, only 3% of philanthropic donations go towards environmental causes. Three. That’s a really, really small number. Interestingly enough, we can make a huge impact on that small number with an even smaller number: 1%. That’s where 1% for the Planet comes in.

What is 1% for the Planet

1% for the Planet is a member-based nonprofit organisation where businesses all over the world commit to donating 1% of their annual sales — not profit… sales! — to environmental nonprofit organisations. These organisations work on issues that focus on bettering the planet like climate advocacy, food policy, wildlife restoration, and much more. Through active and engaging partnerships between businesses and nonprofits, this global network puts their money where their mouth is.

1% for the Planet Member

Which means consumers do, too. Every time an individual buys a product that sports the 1% for the Planet logo, a portion of that product’s proceeds go towards protecting and rejuvenating Mother Earth.

You buy. We donate. Planet Wins!

Luxya Yoga + 1% for the Planet

Building a company with environmental integrity has always been one of our guiding principles. From our product design through our day to day business operations we live our brand values of Responsibility, Integrity and Adventure. Responsibility as a company for our environmental footprint, our carbon footprint and our legacy. We wanted to do more and so we are very happy to announce that Luxya have joined 1% for the Planet and we have committed to donating 1% of our global annual sales to nonprofits helping environmental causes.

Love. Balance. Harmony.

Each addition to our ecosystem — whether it be people, partners or SKUs — is an intentional decision to create a company that lives and inspires others to live in balance with ourselves and nature. The search for true harmony.

We've achieved so much in 2020 towards finding our balance. We have committed to become Climate Neutral certified in early 2021 by measuring and offsetting our 2020 carbon emissions as well as revisiting our carbon reduction plans as a business.

We joined 1% for the Planet, a very tangible way for us to give back and finally we've started the assessment phase of becoming a B Corp, a process that we aim to complete in 2021.

We are very happy and proud of the work we have done to date but there is so much more to achieve. Stay tuned!



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