Are yoga mats eco friendly?

We are all familiar with those spongy ribbed PVC yoga mats, with their worn interior at your regular feet placement positions, that wafting odour of yesterday’s sweat and the small flaking particles it leaves every time you roll your mat away. Not only is this hugely unappealing but being made from Polyvinyl Chloride this product is one of the most environmentally hazardous consumer materials ever produced. And as an environmentally conscious yogi yourself why not dig a little deeper and discover some alternate options that will not only aid your yoga practice but will be far more beneficial for the health and wellbeing of everyone involved in the full lifecycle of your yoga mat.


We have all heard about the offensive nature of plastics and how they have become one of the world’s most toxic and prolific materials and PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride is certainly one of the worst offenders. Right from its inception this product uses huge volumes of harmful chemicals such as chlorine and phthalates. It is chemicals like phthalates that can leach out of the product over time, especially in warmed temperatures… Does that have you thinking of those hot and sweaty Bikram yoga class?? Eeeek! These chemicals can be absorbed or inhaled into the body, and will often remain in your system for years to come. It is these chemicals that have been linked with reproductive issues and premature development in teenagers. Then at the end of your PVC mat’s life there is no adequate way to safely dispose of it since it can never be recycled due to the toxic chemicals embedded within it. It can’t be buried since it will never biodegrade and it can’t even be incinerated as it will release harmful chemicals like dioxin which is a known carcinogen.


Luckily today we have a choice. We can CHOOSE to support brands such as Luxya Yoga who consciously select materials that are made from sustainable natural sources, no longer containing harmful chemicals and have properties that will biodegrade when the time comes to farewell our trusty old yoga mat. With the development of modern technologies and an increased availability of wholesome alternative materials your yoga mat can become a true representation of yourself- one that is environmentally responsible and beautiful from the inside out.


Luxya Yoga has not only sourced water-based inks for their colourful print designs, but have also used 100% recycled PET bottles for the use of their microfiber suede layer atop a sustainably sourced natural tree rubber base. This means that each mat is free from PVC, latex, chlorine, silicones, phthalates and toxic glues. These mats have been designed to give you stability in your practice but to also ecologically re-connect you to your natural surroundings.   

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