Mirabilis - 1.5mm Travel Yoga Mat

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Mirabilis - Amazing

Beautiful hand painted turquoise and silver abstract marble in acrylic on canvas. Transcend from the foundational strength of marble to the ethereal clouds as you move through your asanas firm footed yet free.

Inspired by our best selling Marbellous design the turquoise Mirabilis design radiates a calm refreshing energy and spiritual grounding. Our printed microfiber top layer featuring our unique non-slip coating allows you to concentrate on your poses with confidence.

Luxya yoga mats are perfect for all types of yoga, pilates or your regular workout. Made from natural tree rubber with a microfiber towel top - ideal for sweaty practices! 

Includes: carry strap & travel bag

Product features: 

  • Eco-friendly: 100% recyclable, biodegradable and printed with water based inks. We have nothing but love for our environment!
  • Towel infused: A luxurious and soft microfiber suede top layer, with a natural tree rubber base
  • Multi-purpose: The perfect mat for hot yoga, pilates and general exercise practices
  • Grippy: Non-slip microfiber surface grips the more you sweat (and its absorbent too)
  • Non-Slip Coating: Featuring our unique non-slip coating that will keep you surefooted no matter your pose
  • Free from all the nasties: No PVC, latex, chlorine, silicone, toxic glue or phthalates
  • Dimensions: Weight 1.5kg, 173x61cm and 1.5mm thick


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Why choose Luxya?


Made with 100% ethically-sourced and sustainable materials. 100% carbon-neutral we offset all carbon produced by the manufacture and delivery of our mats. We believe in putting the environment first.


We use a unique extra coating on our mats which makes them as non-slip as traditional PVC mats but with none of the toxic ingredients. Surefooted and environmentally sound! Our mats will keep you in balance in the most demanding poses.

Portable eco-luxe
Mats available in both 1.5mm and 3mm

Our mats are available as a 1.5mm travel mat perfect for packing in the included carry bag and taking with you to the beach, yoga retreat or your next holiday. The 3mm mats offer more cushioning while still being comfortable to carry, perfect for use at home or the studio.

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